Monthly Goals

Family Mind Spirit

Being intentional about my time always helps me to feel more at peace. I have spent many days, weeks and even years letting time slip by without being intentional.  I have let my task list and other people’s agendas dictate my days and that rarely, if ever, brings me peace.  I usually end up feeling stressed and tired and don’t feel that I’ve accomplished anything of importance to me. Being intentional, focusing on the present and focusing on one thing at a time always brings more peace into my life.

I recently saw a monthly planning list on social media and I thought it was such a great idea.   I’m not 100% sure where it came from (sorry I cannot give credit where credit is due), but it inspired me to come up with my own monthly goals list:

Each month I want to have:

  1. 2 lunch dates with good friends
  2. 24 hours social media free
  3. 4 days outdoors
  4. 1 night out with couple friends
  5. 4 date nights
  6. 1 breakfast / coffee with a new friend
  7. 1 dinner with girlfriends
  8. 1 date with my daughter
  9. 1 movie night at home
  10. 1 day serving others
  11. 1 day to myself
  12. 1 homemade dinner with a new couple at our house

The original list only had 1 day/night for a few of these and I wanted to add more (especially date nights!).  I also added in a few new categories, but the 24 hours social media free was on the original list.  I love that.  I have never done a social media fast and it will most likely be very difficult, but I would love to do this once a month.  I know I need to.  I would probably accomplish so much during that 24 hours!

You should try to come up with your own monthly goal list – and keep it handy either in your paper planner (if you are like me) or in your phone or computer – wherever you do your planning!

Be intentional with your time!